Sex Education


Sex Education classes should not be mandatory for any aged student. However, comprehensive, inclusive, medically accurate sex-ed classes should be offered as electives.

With the approval of their Parent or Guardian, students 17 years or younger would be allowed to enroll in those age appropriate classes. Students aged 18 or older would not need parental consent.

Age appropriate curriculums would be standard throughout Las Vegas schools.

Class options could include online, or remote learning for those students who may be embarrassed by the sensitive nature of the subject matter.

Sex education instructors would also be required to highlight the concept of abstinence from sex.

Instructors would not be allowed to distribute condoms, pills, or other forms of Birth Control.

Instructors would be prohibited from presenting Pregnancy Termination options.

Note: I have not seen documentation that confirms that the average CCSD teacher has the certifications that would qualify them to counsel, educate or advise students with Diverse Gender Identities or Gender Diverse Students with Disabilities concerning gender expressions in general on transgender matters, more specifically. Therefore, I do not advocate for the inclusion of Transgender concerns in any proposed public funds supported sex education curriculum. In the future, my administration would fully comply with Nevada state law relative to gender diversity education requirements.