Gun Control

I support the second amendment, with instant background checks, subject to the current “safety valve” provisions.

In a nutshell, Nevada law requires sales and transfers between unlicensed individuals to be processed through a federally licensed dealer to ensure that a background check is conducted.

I support that background check law because it reduces the likelihood that legal guns will be diverted to the illegal gun market. 

States that do not require universal background check see the highest rate of exportation of guns across state lines. Those exported guns are more likely to be used for criminal purposes than guns purchased in states that require universal background checks.

Furthermore, the legislative process that resulted in universal background checks was legitimate. The debate which preceded passage of the 2020 law was open, and enabled input from organizations and concerned citizens.

I fully respect and support the right of individuals, the NRA and others, to fight to repeal the Nevada law. However, I have no plans to join that effort. Instead, I will ensure that the rights of gun purchasers are protected. 

I will use my time to make Las Vegas safer for non-gun owners and gun owners. My goal is to create a city where citizens never have to use a gun to protect themselves or their families.

I support Nevada's Red Flag Law, which has been in place since 2019. That law allows family members or law enforcement officials to request a court order to temporarily remove guns from a person considered to be engaging in violent behavior or making threats of violence.