LGBTQ+ Housing Discrimination

I am committed to ending homelessness and making certain that all youth have a safe place to live. Youth should not be relegated to living in segregated, isolated, communities, but integrated into the general population communities throughout Las Vegas. I would never want to see our youth stigmatized.

I understand that, when it comes to the certainty of having a secure residence, LGBTQ+ youth face unique challenges. Therefore, as Mayor, I will implement policies and practices designed to guarantee that all Las Vegas communities are safe, confirming, and welcoming of LGBTQ+ youth, and other at-risk youth.  

Members of my administration will make certain all youth have access to the supportive services necessary to ensure access to adequate housing in the communities of their choice. Toward that end, we will provide funding and other resources to not-for-profit organizations that can serve as safety nets.

I will work with the City Council to pass legislation that makes it a crime to engage in any form of housing discrimination that, in effect, deprives youth applicants of the opportunity to be fairly considered for available housing. That legislation will specifically include LGBTQ+ youth. 

We will make certain that we capture and fully utilize all available housing dollars, from all traditional and non customary sources alike.

My administration will welcome input and assistance from True Colors and other organizations with similar objectives.