Cost Savings

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Inflation is hampering the economic growth of Las Vegas. People are feeling the pinch. The cost of food, gas, clothes, childcare and entertainment has most people felling stressed. Many have taken second jobs or have taken to providing uber services.

In order for us to grow the Las Vegas economy and include everyone, we must improve the level of service city government provides. That includes Public Safety, Infrastructure, Aging and Disability Services, Homeless Prevention, Housing for the Homeless, Pre K through 12 Education, and Stimulate the local economy through Public-Private-Non Profit Org Initiatives.

Although Las Vegas is challenged to provide more safety and more service, I couldn't, in good conscience, ask people to pay more in taxes. 

Therefore, to accomplish our many objectives, I will implement several cost saving initiatives and measures designed to increase cost effectiveness and energy efficiency without negatively impacting safety or service.

Pursuant to that, I will cut the Procurement Department red tape, unbundle government contracts, allow bidders to lease rather than require they own cost prohibitive equipment, provide wrap up bonding and insurance, and establish a City Start-up Capital loan for equipment and payroll, to enable more contractors, vendors and suppliers to respond to Requests For Proposals and offer competitive bids. This is likely to reduce costs by as much as ten percent (10%).

I will cut Las Vegas' government utility costs by using modern efficiencies and technology to regulate the heating, cooling, and lighting of lobbies, offices, and conference rooms throughout all Las Vegas facilities. We estimate this would reduce costs by as much as four million dollars ($4,000,000).

I will cut the flow of administrative paperwork by fifty percent (50%). This will reduce purchasing, handling and storage costs by twenty percent (20%).

Also, we will reduce Las Vegas’ debt service. Over a period of 6 years, I will transition Las Vegas from the current “Debt to Fund Services” revenue and expenditure system into a “Pay As You Go” revenue and expenditure system. This debt to fund Services system, which is like using your credit card to pay rent, is too reliant upon Municipal Bonds, General Obligation Bonds and Revenue Bonds which result in an obligation to pay interest. Over a period of six-years (6 year) we will utilize Capital Improvement funds, savings from increased competition in bidding, and savings from delaying low priority infrastructure repairs. When this thoughtful transition is complete, Las Vegas will save more than nine million dollars ($9,000,000) in interest, annually. Additionally, this will result in Las Vegas having a constant reserve fund and ultimately encourage the bond rating agencies to increase the City’s Bond Rating.

Additionally, as Mayor, I will offer city employees the option of a ten hour a day, four day a week, forty hour work week. This would reduce daily start-up costs as well as reduce personal and public energy consumption.