Anti-Terrorism Policy

When it comes to Terrorism - whether foreign, domestic or homegrown - the stakes are high. Therefore we can not afford to be a day late or an asset short. Thus, my administration will employ comprehensive proactive measures that ensure  deterrence, rather than ineffective reactionary responses, by happenstance. 

We will fully utilize proven policies, practices, procedures, equipment, training and deployment strategies to achieve and maintain world class Anti-terrorism protection standards. 

Under my leadership, Las Vegas will coordinate and cooperate with Homeland Security. We will tap into their extensive network of public and private cameras and other technology.  We will use all available camera footage, audio, and social media engagements to identify and monitor people of interest.

We will make certain the Department of Homeland Security and the various policing agencies are informed and aware of all of our terrorist investigations, and have access to vital information. This includes the names and descriptions, and last known whereabouts of people of interest.

We will engage Cyber-security experts to make certain we are not vulnerable in that space. 

With careful regard for people’s right to privacy, we will utilize Artificial Intelligence and Face Recognition technology in a manner proven to deter and prevent crime. We will include safeguards, co-determined and monitored by a citizen oversight committee, to make certain this advanced technology does not target or ensnare innocent people.