Protect Our Vote


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We will Empower people through Voter Registration, Voter Education and Voter Mobilization.

When Americans talk about their democracy, they typically emphasize the importance of the right to vote. But the fact is that, unlike other democratic rights protected in the First Amendment, voting rights do not have clear constitutional protections.

Originally under the Constitution, only white male citizens over the age of 21 were eligible to vote.

Voting is a Constitutional Right that should not be abridged. Therefore, I support the absolute protection of Voting rights and oppose all voter suppression efforts. 

Yet, I am not opposed to a sensible Voter ID Requirement, so long as all official forms of IDs are acceptable, or a voter can receive the required ID at any polling place, in real time, without delay, free of charge.

In cases where no voter ID is immediately obtainable, or any voter without ID refuses to present an ID, registered voters should be allowed to vote provisionally. 

We will make certain safeguards are in place to ensure that our elections are fair and devoid of cheating and corruption.

I would reinstate Pre-clearance requirements.

All states and substate entities would have to guarantee equal access 1:1, to the polls for all voters. This guarantee would be on a District basis. 

If one or more polling places in a particular electoral District are closed - temporarily or permanently, for whatever reason, intentional or not - a concomitant number of polling places would have to be immediately closed throughout that electoral District, during that same period.

Candidate Suppression

Free, Available on-site, Provisional Voting

I support Public Campaign Financing. We should act decisively to get the dark money out of our elections.