Made in Vegas


As Mayor I will establish a "Made in Vegas" initiative. Under that program, casinos, mining  companies, automobile manufacturers, and leaders in other predominant industries would be provided redeemable city credits and other incentives for purchasing goods and services from Vegas based suppliers. 

Initially, the casinos, mines, auto manufacturers, and other prominent companies may have to pay slightly more for the products, goods, or services provided by their Vegas based suppliers. However, because of their close proximity of these Vegas based businesses, that added cost would be offset by significantly reduced freight costs and reduced delivery time. 

This Made in Vegas Public-Private initiative would enable medium sized Vegas based producers, distributors, vendors, and lenders to expand their operations. Eventually, those companies will grow beyond simply accommodating the needs of Vegas' casinos, mines and auto manufacturers. They will have the wherewithal to compete in the national and global marketplace.

As they successfully place their products, goods and services into the National and International stream of commerce, they will create sustainable jobs and other ancillary opportunities for Las Vegans. 

This comprehensive Public-Private arrangement would be a beneficial to all parties, and help to speed up the diversification of the Las Vegas economy.