Government Ethics


Integrity is an absolute commitment to truth, veracity and fair play. 

In order to diversify our economy, gain the support of existing businesses, attract new businesses, and remain tax friendly, the Las Vegas city council must have the ability to scrutinize, review and examine the actions of city officials, employees and contractors to ascertain whether they adhere to, and are compliant with, applicable laws, rules, regulations, resolutions and ordinances; be they federal, state or local.

Corruption adds to the costs paid by taxpayers, and discourages contractors and other services providers from participating in the city's bid processes. Non participation results in higher costs. As Mayor, among my highest priorities will be to introduce reforms intended to end Las Vegas government corruption, once and for all. 

My plan for Reform goes beyond the establishment of customary practices implemented to provide discretionary oversight. Together, the City Council and I will, adopt significant structural changes to ensure the accountability of people involved in Las Vegas city government.

These necessary reforms will guarantee public discourse, make government transparent, and ensure elected Las Vegas Municipal Officials, their appointees and government contractors are held accountable for their decisions, actions, omissions, and transgressions.

  1. Subpoena Power

The people of the city of Las Vegas have a right to know what city officials knew and when they knew it. Therefore, a City Council Ethics Committee will be granted Subpoena Power to issue subpoenas commanding the Mayor, City Manager, Clerk, Treasurer, City Council members, or any engaged Contractor to appear at Public Hearings to answer questions, under oath, relative to suspected or alleged corruption.

My goal is only to ensure that the Mayor and other individuals cooperate with corruption investigations. Therefore, this subpoena power would be limited to avoid nuisance proceedings. Yet, it will be sufficient enough to ensure access to the information requested from those who may be reluctant to provide it. Subpoenas would be issued only upon the recommendation of a majority of the members of the Las Vegas City Council.

  1. Censure of Elected Officials

Upon the recommendation of the Ethics Committee and with the consent of three-fifths of the members of the full Las Vegas City Council, based upon a refusal to comply or upon a finding of negligence or wrongdoing the Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer or individual Councilmen may be publicly Censured.

  1. Dismissal or Censure of City Employees

Upon the recommendation of the Ethics Committee and with the consent of three-fifths of the members of the full Las Vegas City Council, based upon a refusal to comply or upon a finding of willful negligence or intentional wrongdoing, City employees may be censured by the City Council or recommended for dismissal by the Mayor. The same holds true for Contractors doing business with the city of Las Vegas. 

  1. Faithful Performance Bond

The city conducts a check into the background of many employees. To augment background checks, certain city personnel who serve in sensitive positions, specified by category of employment, may be required to have a Faithful Performance Bond, which would cover any loss the city or a member of the public suffers because the employee failed to faithfully perform their duty. This differs from a fidelity bond, which covers the risk of employee dishonesty.

  1. WhistleBlower Rewards

The City of Las Vegas will offer monetary rewards to anyone who provides information that leads to a finding of improper conduct by city employees or contractors. The nature of the activities that the city seeks information concerning will be specified and published.

Your vote will enable me to implement objective measures that will ensure the Integrity of the Las Vegas city government through transparency.