Tiny Homes

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There is an immediate need for affordable housing in Las Vegas. Affordability is attainable because, as the supply of available houses increases housing costs will diminish. Tiny homes are an ideal solution because those homes can be constructed in a matter of days, not months or years. 

In general, Nevada is tiny homes friendly. Residents are required to observe local laws. On the 21st of February 2021, the State of Nevada passed Ordinance SB150-N Act, requiring a county or city governing body to approve tiny houses in a specific zoning district.

As Mayor, I will develop and promote a much-needed, aggressive, Tiny Homes agenda designed to provide sustainable housing in mixed income communities. These safe and accommodating mixed income housing communities will be designed mindful of our minimalist residents who don't require a lot of excess space.

Our target occupant includes those person at-risk of homelessness, persons who are chronically homeless, newlyweds, college students, factory workers, entrepreneurs, business owners, professional, retirees, and anyone who wants to downsize.

We will provide incentive for businesses to partner with developers and provide land adjacent to their factories and production plants for the location and placement of Tiny Homes. These homes would house their Senior staff, line workers and others. Ideally, ecologically speaking, we hope to increase the percentage of workers who can walk to work and reduce the strain and congestion on our highways and byways.

Ordinarily, all taxable property is appraised at its market value. I will work with the state to make sure that land used to develop Tiny Homes Communities will qualify as “open-space land” for property tax purposes, if that open space land is adjacent to a business that employs a minimum of 100 workers.

If The qualified “open space land” is used for multiple purposes, the primary, most important, use must be Tiny Houses for mixed-income Las Vegas residents.

Ordinarily, the Nevada Rollback Tax is collected when properties change from agricultural to commercial or residential use. The amount of that tax is based on the difference between the tax paid and the tax that would have been paid if an agricultural use exemption had not been granted. My administration will work with the Governor and State Legislature to ensure that property that changes from agricultural to residential use, for the development of Tiny Homes, will not be subject to any Rollback. 

A Las Vegas taxpayer whose Tiny home qualifies as manufactured will not have the option of installment tax payments. Instead, they will be required to pay their taxes in full on schedule.

As Mayor, I will work with the Governor and State Legislature to provide a State of Nevada Motor fuel tax credit to operators of Fleet vehicles - passenger cars, buses and passenger vans - used exclusively to transport qualified Tiny Home residents to and from Las Vegas factories.

We will utilize Tax Increment Financing to create Tax Increment Areas that spur the proliferation and growth of these mixed income Tiny Home communities.