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Community Impact Assault Weapon Ammo Tax

As Nevada Governor, to immediately reduce the likelihood of another mass shooting, I will fight for a greatly enhanced Federal Tax on the purchase of all ammunition that can be fired by a Military Style Assault Weapon. All proceeds from that Community Impact Military Style Assault Weapons Ammo Tax would be earmarked to fund a Federal Assault Weapon Buyback Program. Rather than being destroyed, those Buyback Assault Weapons would be delivered to the Department of Defense, which would then send those Military Style Assault Weapons to Ukraine in furtherance of our commitment to arm the Ukrainian Military.

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I'm a Competent, Capable, Compassionate, Free Thinking, Independent, Fiscally Responsible, Socially Responsive, Pro-Roe, Renaissance Republican

I Will Tax Less and Do More.

"We don't need another overreaching Mandate for Big Brother Government to over Regulate”.     702.608.8725


At the steps of Air Force One

As Governor, I will:

Establish irreproachable Public Safety Services;

Develop and efficiently maintain our Public Infrastructure;

Enrich the Aging and Disability Services Division to ensure the health and well being of our Senior Citizens; 

Provide a superior Public School Education for each and every individual child; 

Through public initiatives, private initiatives and comprehensive tax reform, stimulate Nevada's economy to foster Full Employment; 

Maximize Public-Private Partnerships to eradicate Homelessness, Poverty, and Despair;

Empower people through Voter Registration, Voter Education and Voter Mobilization;

Oppose Voter Suppression efforts and protect the right to vote;

Lobby Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform;

Diversify our economy;

Create a Nevada Business First public-private Initiative;

Make Nevada the world center for Technology Development;

Fight to ensure that no child goes to bed homeless or hungry;

Program the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation to train and retrain adults;

Restore full funding to the Nevada Offices of Veterans and Adult Mental Health Services;

Update and improve Nevada’s Water acquisition agreements;

Retool Nevada’s water conservation and water reclamation efforts;

Explore the feasibility of desalination agriculture.

Transition Nevada from a “Debt to Fund Services” Revenue and Expenditure System to a “Pay As You Go” Revenue and Expenditure System.