I will make Las Vegas the best city in the world.

I’m William Dock Walls,
candidate for Las Vegas Mayor

As Mayor, I will fight for you Morning, Noon, and Night. Together, we will house the homeless, increase public safety, improve our education system, and transform Las Vegas into a vibrant city of Life.

Cast Your Vote Today!

Today is Election Day!

Call your Family, Friends and Associates and ask them to go to any Clark County polling place and vote for William “Dock” Walls.

If you have not already registered to vote, you can register and vote today. Simply show up at any polling place and present your Driver’s License or State ID.

As Mayor, Dock Will Eradicate Homelessness, Poverty and Despair.

THE Most Qualified Candidate

I am the most qualified candidate for Las Vegas mayor. Having worked alongside Mayor Harold Washington in Chicago, I have a deep understanding of the inner workings of municipal government. 

I have been a resident of Las Vegas for 14 years. I love this city, and and I am passionate about building a flourishing economy that improves the lives of everyone who lives here. From our most vulnerable citizens, to our greatest talents and high achievers. 

End Homelessness

I believe that housing is a human right, and homelessness is a human rights violation.

As Mayor, I will ensure all our residents have security and dignity by working with cutting-edge manufacturers and developers to build mixed-income tiny-home communities.

Make YOU a Millionaire

As Mayor, My job is to make millionaires, and turn millionaires into billionaires, as this is how we build a strong local economy.

I will bring trans-national corporations to Las Vegas to stimulate economic growth

Improve Education

We have work to do to improve our education system in Las Vegas.

I will build an education system that caters to all students, teaching them life skills in every domain from reading, writing, and math, to arts, civics, and technology.

Let's Reimagine Las Vegas

I’m Running for Mayor because I care deeply about public service. I lie awake at night thinking about those who are suffering in our city, and want to do whatever I can to help those in need. 

My vision is to reimagine Las Vegas as a vibrant, exciting, and flourishing city that shines with the vitality of the human spirit. 

By uplifting the vulnerable, improving the lives of the middle class, and empowering our greatest minds to build and achieve new heights in business, arts, technology, and creativity, I will Transform Las Vegas into the best city in the world. 


I’m Proud to work with some amazing team members and leaders from around the Las Vegas Community. We are a movement of people who want to see Las Vegas grow into a city of life. 

I Support Dock because he has the mission, vision, and network to take Las Vegas from sin city into a city of Life.
Fadey Makhamre
Las Vegas Realtor
I am supporting Dock because it is time for City Hall to work for ALL citizens of Las Vegas.
Sharon Miles
Local Business Owner
I Support William Dock Walls for Mayor because he has the vision, integrity, energy, and faith to move mountains.
Stephanie Christner
DO, Osteopathic Physician

Dock in the Community

Join Us Mondays and Wednesdays for community events where you can get to know your future mayor. I work with the people, for the people.  As Mayor, I will always spend time connecting with the local community to make sure that YOUR voice is heard. 

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