Las Vegas Department on Aging


Currently, the Nevada Department of Health & Human Services Aging and Disability Services Division assists persons 60 and over and vulnerable adults with functional limitations. That department makes certain these persons are protected from abuse and neglect, and have access to medical care and other wellness services.

Without duplicating State services, the Las Vegas Department on Aging will work to assist and counsel persons aged 55 years and older - pre-retirees, who are within the Senior age demographic. This department will assist them prepare for the future, pre and post-retirement.

We may help some as they prepare to launch new post retirement second careers and others as they prepare to transition to a life of leisure, or greater involvement and interaction with family and friends. 

This new city department will ensure borderline Vegas Seniors and full fledged Seniors have a local resource capable of helping them avoid physical and emotional crises. As well, we will make certain they can enjoy a high quality of life of their choosing.