Mental Health

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My administration will prioritize mental health services and treat this disease as a direct cause of disability.

We will make certain our law enforcement officers are supported, in all ways, by psychologists and other mental health experts.

As Nevada struggled to respond to the pandemic, Northern and Southern Nevada experienced Adult Mental Health Services budget cuts.

Due to the urgent needs and fragile nature of Las Vegans, I will work to ensure those cuts are not only restored but that funding is increased.

I will work with the governor and Legislative session to restore the funds cuts from Mental Health Services, the Office of Veterans Services.

We will develop mental health crisis centers accessible anytime, free of charge, to counsel those persons who may have thoughts of harming themselves or others.

I will develop around the clock accessible centers where Mentally challenged individuals can privately and securely engage in Tele-Mental Health sessions with trained professionals anytime they feel the need.


Nevada Adult Mental Health Services

Nevada Crisis Stabilization Centers

“988” Phone Number for Mental Health Crisis Assistance

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Fast tracking the development of:

Mobile Crisis Response Teams

Crisis Stabilization Centers