Workforce Development

Clearly, if the city of Las Vegas is to attract world class businesses, healthcare, product manufacturers and technology enterprises with the potential to diversify our local economy, it is imperative that we have a vast, well trained pool of potential workers.

When it comes to work readiness, team building, effective communication,  decision-making, logistics, and the ability to engage in high level research, many of our high school graduates are deficient. Businesses have determined that, in general, many Las Vegas adults lack the primary skills necessary to function in a professional work environment.

The bottom line is we will not grow and diversify our economy if we do not Upskill our workforce.

Therefore, it is appropriate that the city of Las Vegas has declared Workforce Development to be a “priority.” 

Currently, to address this overwhelming concern the city has funded The Strong Future Technology Center located at the Historic Westside School, 330 W. Washington Ave. Its goal is to address our work readiness functionality deficiencies and, thereby, prepare young adults for entry into the workforce. The program offers employability training and skills in public speaking, initiative and enterprise, effective communication, social media responsibility, effective time management, conflict resolution, interviewing techniques/strategies, resume writing, technology, planning, organizing, and teamwork.  

The current Las Vegas’ Workforce Development Program is rooted in good intentions. However, to adequately address the need, we have to expand that development program in terms of enrollees, scope, and number of locations. 

In addition to training high school graduates, we must also target undereducated adults and adults for whom English is a second language, 

To ensure a ready and capable workforce, we will concentrate more spending on education, rehabilitation and skill development and  We will target for inclusion, those persons who have been chronically unemployed, and provide training services that prepare Las Vegans for management, and develop additional training facilities at accessible locations throughout the city of Las Vegas.

We cannot have a civilized society if a significant number of our citizens are uneducated and unemployed. Therefore, we will offer financial incentives to encourage adults to develop their community functional and work readiness skills.

To help fund this initiative, we will spend less on incarceration and more on rehabilitation, as well as solicit funding from Private Business.