Public Safety

Public Safety is job one.

Have you ever wanted to just get out of the house and enjoy yourself but experienced a sense of anxiety, fear or concern for the dangers lurking out there?

At one point or another many of us have. All of the mass shootings and the increasing number of people with reckless attitudes can give a reasonable person cause to pause.

If people feel the streets of Las Vegas are unsafe they will not venture out of their "safe space", which is typically their dwelling place. Eventually, such people withdraw from society and become hermits. They only reluctantly engage in societal activities, including shopping, dinning, working outside the home and partaking in entertainment.

Hermits purchase limited goods and services typically on a basis of last resort and, therefore, only contribute a sub par amount to the tax base.

Life is not worth living if people don't have the opportunity to enjoy the life they live.

People pay taxes to the government with an expectation that the government will use our collective resources to fund and undertake the tasks that are too big for any one individual. We expect our well financed government to be the fixer upper and the sheriff that fights the fights that we are unwilling or unable to engage in individually.

With our tax dollars, we hire the government to address issues of public concern and accomplish the big things within the community or public sphere.

As Mayor, I will make certain Las Vegas residents feel safe - morning, noon and night - at home, at work, on our highways and byways.