Las Vegas City Government Funding

Currently, the city of Las Vegas relies upon seven primary sources of revenue. Those revenue sources include Gaming tax, Real Estate tax, Sales tax, Federal aid, State aid, Motor Fuel tax, Public Utility tax and Fines, fees and assessments. 

In the past, I have advocated the use of "Naming Rights." Naming rights present unique branding and marketing opportunities to individuals and businesses of all sizes. This voluntary source of funding contributes to revenue neutrality in as much as it does not increase property taxes, does increase sales taxes, and does not further burden any taxpayer. As Mayor, I will provide maximum opportunity for companies and individuals to add their to name or a brand name to public buildings (excluding City Hall), facilities, and other city assets according to their wishes. Unlike Privatization, the city would retain complete control over these assets, and would retain the right to reject any offer, for any reason.