The Walls For Mayor Education Methodology starts with uniting all stakeholders, including State Officials, the Board of Education, Public, and Charter School Administrators, Principals, Teachers, Teachers Union, Educational Community Activists, Parents, Students, Business and Community Partners.

As Mayor, I will work with Democrats, Republicans, Independents, 3rd Party members and others. Together we will provide a superior Public School Education for each and every individual child.

That transcends the development of modern buildings with state of the art equipment and facilities, which are conducive to safe and potentially productive educational environments.

We must do more than safely warehouse students; teach them reading, writing, math and science and train them to pass tests. That is the bare minimum. We must thoroughly expose them to all of life's intangibles; including the arts, history, the humanities, civics, sports and technology. We must have one base curriculum common to children at the same grade level, across each of the schools, throughout the city.

Irrespective of the level of parental support or involvement, or lack thereof, we must completely educate all of our children. We must empower them to perform critical and analytical functions; and thereby enable them to appreciate their limitless potential.

We must encourage our children to dream big dreams, and equip them to follow their hearts and minds and to fully utilize their talents. The goal is to enable them to individualize the American Dream, succeed and live it.

I will eradicate the obsolete “one size fits all” educational concept. and replace it with “Educational Intensive Care.”

We will implement strategic best practices designed to ensure Las Vegas students have at least an 80% chance of completing their education, Pre-K through 12th grade.

My administration will make certain our schools are a safe environment. We will address the real issues that have resulted in an increase in violence in Las Vegas Schools. With Zero Tolerance, we will stop the bullying and intimidation before it escalates out of control.

As mayor, I will make certain that Las Vegas schools are always in compliance with all State requirements.