Economy Diversification


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The Covid-19 shut down and exposed, in sharp relief, how fragile Nevada's convention, gaming and casinos based economy is. Clearly, we are over reliant on tourism.

Experts suggest other pandemics as impactful as Covid-19 and its variants will likely plague us in the foreseeable future. Therefore we must "pandemic proof" our economy. 

We must augment business sectors with the potential to broaden our base economy.

There are four basic business pillars. Businesses are either (1) Producers - engaged in Farming, Fishing, Mining or Manufacturing;  (2) Distributors - including, Information Reporters, Domestic Transporters, Importers, and Exporters; (3) Vendors involved in Wholesale, Retail, or Real Estate Sales; or (4) Lenders of Services, Finance or Property. 

Our focus will be on developing more companies that are Producers of goods or services that can be exported even during a pandemic.  We will support our emerging businesses and help them to grow and develop into healthcare product manufacturing companies, dominant technology companies, farming companies, new industry monopolies and advanced logistics companies.

Our ability to expand and grow local businesses will be determined by our ability to provide infrastructure. The pace and speed of infrastructure delivery is critical. Therefore, my administration will multiply the city's efforts to develop and efficiently maintain our Infrastructure. 

As we recover from the effects of the pandemic and seek to return the city to a state of economic viability, we must replenish Las Vegas' rainy day fund, diversify our economy, improve our education system outcomes, reduce our energy usage, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and depend more on solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, and geothermal power

The proposed 2023-2025 Biennial budget is expected to maintain previous services levels. However, by using smarter technology, streamlining the workflow, increasing workforce morale, implementing thoughtful policies, practices, and procedures we can and will ensure the needed and expected levels of government service for less and reduce our energy consumption.

We will spend less and realize more revenue than the current Mayor anticipates.

Through our Public-Private initiatives, like Nevada Business First, we will encourage and enable more Las Vegas based emerging entrepreneurs to diversify, venture out of their comfort zones, and develop products goods and services, uncommonly provided by Las Vegas businesses to the Vegas based leaders in the major industries.

Those emerging businesses will grow and ultimately place their products, goods, and services into the stream of the global economy. That will spur further diversification.