Technology Epicenter

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Consistent with my goal to diversify the Las Vegas economy, we will make Las Vegas the World's Epicenter for technology development.

That is important, because as Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more ingrained within production and remote programming processes, worldwide, more technology developers will be needed to program and coordinate the activity of those complex automated sources.

I want Las Vegas to lead the way in terms of developing Artificial Intelligence Applications capable of limiting the misuse of emerging Artificial Intelligence, Digital Human Modeling and Simulation.

We will assist the tech community in its efforts to develop custom automation processes, AI applications, and strategic engineering solutions. 

Vegas has the talent to commandeer the development and application of Artificial Intelligence and control implementation of a vast array of industry automation processes.

I am not advocating the development of technology that will suppress or frustrate AI. I am promoting the development of technology and applications that will make AI, which is undetectable and indistinguishable from the human paradigm, discernable.

For example, in the field of aviation, I want to see AI applications that detect AI intrusive technology with the potential to misdirect planes.

Our support for these technology domination efforts will protect Las Vegas workers against job loss.