About Dock Walls

I am one of 7 children born to William and Mary Walls. I know what it's like to go to bed hungry. I want to make sure no child has to sofa surf or sleep in a shelter.

At age 25, I took a leave of absence from Law School to help elect Chicago's first progressive mayor, Harold Washington. I then worked as his Top Assistant.  I later volunteered to serve as National Political Director for Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition. I have helped to manage the campaigns of noted politicians, Republican, Democrat, Third Party, and Independent alike.

Throughout my career, I have helped to establish policies that have had a profound, lasting, positive impact on various Governments, nationwide. I have developed and published platforms which have been acknowledged as blueprints for improved public safety, inclusion, responsible government contracting, budgeting, and effective use of government funds.

I am uniquely qualified to help advance and develop the city of Las Vegas, and help this city grow and realize its full potential.

I am a Compassionate, Free Thinking, Independent, Fiscally Responsible, Socially Responsive, Las Vegan.

I am the only candidate for Mayor who can unify this city by promoting cultural and diversity sensitivity amongst people of all ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds, all religious persuasions, all sexual orientations, all physical and mental disabilities or limitations. I understand that we are all inextricably intertwined and that we’re stronger together.

As a candidate, I will speak truth to power, raise the level of discussion, and challenge my opponents to be kind and thoughtful. 

As Mayor, I will work with Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Third Parties, Unions, Parents, special interest groups, and others. 

Your vote for me will help preserve American Democracy and take the wind out of the sails of polarizing extremists, divisive groups, and conspiracy theorists.